Whiteboys & Indians

The night was clear and the crickets were singing their songs, as the fire crackled and sucked in the last oxygen, as it slowly died off to merely a dusty grey smoke and a little fine ash.

Miami Vice

This winter in New York has been the fourth worst on record, so needless to say I was ready for Miami and some warm water, sun, girls in bikinis and adrenaline, namely shark-territory spear fishing!

Jack and the Rabbit

Around 1996, I was on a Rabbit Hunt on a small island named Endelave in my home country, Denmark.The island is known for its stunning nature, seals and exploding rabbit population.

Canadian Goose

Living in New York City, my senses are in a constant state of overload. There is not one minute, not one second, where the electrical impulses in my brain are idle, WHERE EVERYTHING IS CLEAR, EVERYTHING IS PURE…