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I grew up on a small farm in Denmark, close to a metropolis city. I spend most of my youth dreaming, fishing, hunting and talking to trees.

As my world evolved, I developed a strong interest and appreciation of the design, architecture, fashion, art and the food that were always all around me.

I met the most amazing and inspiring people in the world but the ones that I really admire and remember are the passionate men and women that live their lives to the fullest with a burning fire in their heart for everything they do. I like to think I'm one of those men.

I dress with style, I follow a certain code of honor with respect for everyone, nature and our past, as I look forward. I am and act like a man, not a boy.

I value some real face time with friends over a drink, cooking dinner or a hunt. And I prefer to make a difference and better the world, than play with gadgets by my self, at home - alone.

I inspire to be a little more Hemmingway, a kind of modern man.

Man up and join me for tips and advise and find inspiration from my adventures all over the world.

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Danny, The Urban Huntsman